Support For Young People to Protect Local Biodiversity

By Dustin Halse MP

25 October 2021

Young people from across Ringwood will benefit from the Victorian Junior Landcare and Biodiversity Grants, helping to fund projects and learning activities that provide both environmental and educational outcomes for young people.


Dustin Halse announced that 3 projects in Ringwood will share in $14,180 of funding through the Victorian Junior Landcare and Biodiversity Grants program.


The projects selected within Ringwood are:


  • Tarralla Kindergarten’s project for Indigenous tree planting near Taralla Kindergarten/Taralla Creek Trail (Maroondah Shire), involving indigenous plants local to the region. Age 4 kindergarten students (along with their teachers) will be involved in the planting, along with either a member from Maroondah Council and/or native plant nursery to provide young children with a high-level understanding of some of the benefits of planting native seedlings in the Shire area.


  • Gloryland Early Learning Mitcham who will arrange an incursion to the service to teach about Biodiversity & Sustainability. This program explores the diversity of Australia’s animals that make up our unique ecosystems. Children will learn about the five kingdoms of life and the roles they play in creating healthy functional ecosystems work.


  • Aquinas College, Global Green’s project exploring Local Ecosystems using Environmental DNA. EnviroDNA uses cutting-edge environmental DNA (eDNA) technology for wildlife detection and monitoring. All creatures leave traces of DNA in the environment via skin cells, hair and other bodily secretions, known as eDNA. At the forefront of research and application of eDNA in Australia, EnviroDNA detects species and assesses biodiversity using this technology.


These grants enable young people to participate in hands on environmental learning activities, helping to inspire our next generation to value, protect and enjoy our natural environment now and into the future.


The grants contribute to Protecting Victoria’s Environment - Biodiversity 2037 goals and deliver projects that support Victorians to value and connect with nature, and protect the natural environment.


The grants, of up to $5,000 have been awarded to Victorian schools, kindergartens, preschools, childcare centres, Scouts, Girl Guides, youth groups, youth environmental volunteer groups, and Junior Landcare groups, and enable small projects to make a big difference to improve habitat and reduce threats to biodiversity in Victoria.


This is part of the $7.4 million Community Environment Grants package funded by the Victorian Government to support small and large-scale projects dedicated to preserving Ringwood.


Quotes attributable to Dustin Halse, Member for Ringwood


“It’s wonderful to see young people from Ringwood benefitting from these grants, which not only help foster a love of our incredible natural environment but make a real difference to helping protect local habitat.”


“Enabling children and young people to get involved in projects like these can lead to a lifelong appreciation of nature with benefits to the environment and community.”


“We very much look forward to seeing the results ahead for these projects and thank all of the volunteer, school groups for getting involved.”