Big Housing Build in Mitcham

By Dustin Halse

13 October 2021

Sunday, 10 October, was World Homeless Day. Here in Victoria, our government understands building more social housing can and will make a real difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

We know older women are experiencing increasing levels of homelessness, often as a result of family violence. That’s why the Andrews government provided $2.3 million to support the construction of the Marrageil Baggarrool crisis accommodation facility in Mitcham, which we opened in May.

The $5.3 billion Big Housing Build is also coming to the east. By the end of the year construction will start to build more than 230 new social housing units across Maroondah and Whitehorse. In Mitcham alone we will build 62 new homes through a $20 million investment.

Of course there is more work to be done. But we are getting on the job to provide a secure and safe home for those who need it the most.