COP26 and Climate Change

By Dustin Halse

27 November 2021

As world leaders prepare to meet in Glasgow, it is an important time to consider our international efforts to address climate change.

No government in Victoria’s history has ever done more to drive the uptake of renewable energy than the Andrews Labor government.

We have announced $1.6 billion in our energy system as investment, the largest single investment of any kind in any state in Australia.

We have smashed our first Victorian renewable energy target, with 26.6 per cent of our electricity coming from renewables in 2020.

We have also announced $108 million to support energy innovation projects, such as offshore wind and renewable hydrogen.

This is all thanks to our 50 per cent VRET, which others have opposed.

We know that right now is the most important time to address climate change. We have a very finite window to address this. On this side of the chamber we are addressing it. This government is showing not only leadership here within Victoria but leadership nationally.

I hope that the Prime Minister decides to step up to the challenge and sets legislative targets over the next few weeks as he attends Glasgow and has the opportunity to do that. That would be good for Victorians. That would be good for Australia.